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Congrats on making a successful offer on your home and thank you for choosing Diamond Heritage Inspections!  We want to make you aware of a partnership we have with Goosehead Insurance of Kansas City - Alyson Pope Agency, for select home-buyers.  You are, of course, not required to use their services but we just want to present you with as many options as possible.

We have partnered with Goosehead Insurance to offer you a seamless transition to your new home with property & casualty insurance. Alyson and her team can help you set up new policies on your home/autos or transfer existing insurance policies, so you are ready to feel safe & secure in your home the day you move in!  

For free insurance quotes on your HOME, AUTO, & UMBRELLA policies contact Alyson (Goosehead Insurance) at 816.607.9908 or by email at Alyson.Pope@Goosehead.com 


Please let her know that Diamond Heritage Inspections sent you.