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Mortgage Rates at Historic Lows

If your interest rate is above 3.75%, it's time to REFI with Summit Lending

The thing to keep in mind during homeownership is that RATES GO UP MUCH QUICKER THAN THEY FALL.


The Federal Reserve has recently slashed its benchmark interest rate. Mortgage rates have PLUMMETED since the start of 2020 and there has never been a better time to look at your current mortgage statement and evaluate if a refinance is right for you and your family's financial situation.

Diamond Heritage Inspections has partnered with local Kansas City mortgage lender Summit Lending to provide great new purchase mortgages as well as refinancing of current mortgages.


If your current rate or quoted rate from another lender is above 3.75%, please message Darren Copeland (President of Summit Lending) today.  It doesn't matter if you've only been in your home for 6 months or two years. Now is the time!

Darren Copeland

Summit Lending